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This is a small python-coded game I made in an attempt to simulate Heideggerian “thrownness” in a virtual setting, with the player acting as Dasein. I know, right?


Clicking the picture leads to my redundant and inelegant code on the CodeSkulptor platform. To play the game, click the green skeuomorphic triangle symbol at the top left.


Elon Sociology & Anthropology

my academic home


GWU Anthropology

where I learned how to do this stuff



Great all-around anthropology blog where I wrote "What is Cultural Anthropology?"


Engaging Science, Technology, and Society

where you can read my article Policing the Fluff: The Social Construction of Scientistic Selves in Otherkin Facebook Groups


Communication Theory

where you can read my article The Social Production of Internet Space: Affordance, Programming, and Virtuality


M/C Journal

where you can read my article Wandering in the City: Time, Memory, and Experience in Digital Game Space


Anthropological Quarterly (AQ)

where you can read my review of Donna Haraway's Staying with the Trouble

and also my review of Computer Games and the Social Imaginary, by Graeme Kirkpatrick


CaMP Anthropology

 Ilana Gershon's media and linguistic anth blog, where I took the page 99 test



a reading/synopsis blog I keep for my own use (or yours?)


Westphalia Press

     my former job as Director of Media and Publications


Acta Iassyensia Comparationis Journal

where you can read my article Bytes of Passage: Video Game Inhabitation as Ritual



more of me—briefly



even more of me—academically



still more of me—uselessly


Writing About Video Games class blog

The American Road Trip class blog

     the sites for two writing classes I taught at GWU


what's up in anthropology

There should be an RSS feed widget here, with links to Anthro{dendum}, The Geek AnthropologistSapiens, and CaMP Anthropology. If they're not appearing, feel free to use the embedded links in this text.

SAPIENS: A Podcast for Everything Human

Comics As a Medium for Women’s Rights (Wed, 17 Jul 2024)
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Somatosphere: the first 15 years. Dörte Bemme in conversation with Eugene Raikhel (Fri, 12 Jul 2024)
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AI Job Displacement: Perspectives on the Future of Work From Beneath the Silicon Ceiling (Fri, 21 Jun 2024)
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The Geek Anthropologist

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Planet of the Apes, Animalization and the Visual Politics of Occupation (Thu, 27 Jun 2024)
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